Paul has always been a keen sportsman. Having been educated at a very sports orientated school the stress on fitness and health is something he feels is learnt through ongoing education. Continuing his enjoyment of fitness at university through regular training at the sports centre he decided a year out in Whistler, Canada was the way forward after completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. A season skiing and the following summer downhill mountain biking only continues to display his passion for the industry. Coupling this with completing teaching certifications in both disciplines enforces his teaching knowledge. After years training in commercial and bodybuilding gyms, whilst still playing hockey for his then local club in Suffolk, he was introduced to a revolutionary way of training in early 2012 through an old friend. CrossFit. It was a quick realisation that the CrossFit culture is one that can and has revolutionised many peoples thoughts on what ‘fit’ is.

Paul has been a CrossFit enthusiast ever since attending his first WOD (Workout of the Day) in 2012 and has become fully immersed in the culture of CrossFit under the guidance of the excellent coaching staff at CrossFit Bury St Edmunds (now CrossFit Beorn). Since 2012, Paul has since competed in numerous competitions throughout his Crossfit career. Paul moved to Warwickshire in 2013 with work and started playing hockey for Stratford Upon Avon Mens 1st, and training in varies gyms and boxes in the area. In 2014, Paul’s dreams came true when he met Claire, they got married in 2016 and had Oakleigh in 2017! Oh yeah and he is Level 1 CF having renewed his cerficate in 2017. And a level 4 S&C coach. (Written by Claire) In 2018 Paul also became Stratford Upon Avon Mens 1st XI Hockey Captain.

Likes: Puppy, Adrenalin Sports and Cars. Dislikes: Negativity

claire DRAKE

Claire is a VTCT Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist, has a diploma in Nutrition, a Masters in Media, Communication and Public Relations and a fitness addict.

She became passionate about health and fitness when her Dad suffered a bad fall resulting in him breaking his hip. This on its own was a horrible experience, but because her Dad had MS, it made life very difficult. After this, Claire started to understand the importance of looking after your body, on the inside and out. She completed her diploma in Nutrition and started practicing much more functional fitness (including Crossfit).

These kinds of situation helped her reflect and it helped her understand how important it is to enjoy life and balance all aspects of it. Her moto being “Work Hard, Play Hard!”
Claire, being an active gym goer has competed in kickboxing, athletics and skiing as well as lots of charity runs. Practiced, yoga, bikrham yoga, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, hockey and a myriad of other sports.

Claire is Mum to the beautiful Oakleigh, she trained throughout her pregnancy and as a result is now a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach and a Fundamental Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Likes: Food – Thai curry. Team Games with people who are just doing it for fun. Dislikes: Coming to the end of a boxset, and wall balls.

Oakleigh Camille Campbell Drake

The night owl of Team Drake. The worlds most smiley baby, named after Camille Le-Blanc-Bazinet 2014 Crossfit Games Winner. The world is her oyster! Likes: Boob Milk, Dogs and Cucumber. Dislikes: Sleep

Ruby Campbell-Drake (Big Bear) & Sky Drake (Aka Puppy)

Box Dogs – The Bosses, enough said. Likes: Food. Dislikes: Cats and cucumber




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